Saturday, May 24, 2008


The Nation of Our Dreams Balasaheb Thackeray's vision(Mr. Bal Thackeray, writing in a sponsored feature in the Indian Express, Mumbai onOctober 11, 1998)This is a Hindu nation. Here it is. Just as it was. And just as itwill be. Always, and forever....After 300 long years, the saffron flies again over Maharashtra. Thesaffron. The symbol of sacrifice. Prepare to welcome the saffron.The march has begun, never to stop. Shiv Sainiks will carry the flagto the East, to the West, to the North and to the South. Everywhere.We will cross the Sahyadris. And we will breach the Himalayas. We willpaint the ramparts of the Red Fort in saffron. We must fulfilChhatrapati Maharaj's dram. We must build the Hindustan of our dreams.It is a historic task we have set out to accomplish. So help us God.Everywhere in the country people are turning to the Shiv Sena.Anywhere you find a sense of insecurity among the Hindus, you will alsofind the Shiv Sena. For the endangered and the insecure, for thedeprived and the depraved (sic), the Shiv Sena is the only hope. TheShiv Sena can never betray the trust reposed by the hopeless millions.The Shiv Sena is not just a political party. It is a tree growinghuge,striking its roots into the soil of this land, spreading its vastbranches to protect and preserve Hindustan....It is our Hindustan we have to build. We have to create a Hindustanfor Hindus. We have to create a country where Hindus are respected.The country where Hindutva will shine in all its glory. A country wherethe anti-Hindu shall bow before the will of the Hindu. That is thecountry we have to build.....Look at our country. Our laws. Our rules. A whole long list ofdon'ts meant only for Hindus. And who are the ones who are empowered?The Mussalmans.How long are we to tolerate this? How long are we to stand by andwatch these antics in the name of religion? How long will those inpower fool us? How long can we pretend not to see what goes on in thename of concession to the so-called minorities?...Let us have a little laugh over our peculiar brand of secularism. Themicrophones blare at us spreading the word of Allah a good five times aday. But no Hindu can dare to play cymbals or beat the prayer drumswhile he passes the house of Allah.Secularism in our context is but an opportunistic impartiality, whichwas never intended to be, and therefore never will. It's just anothercoinage and convenience, a piece of useful jargon. But the intent isdeadly.Look under the cover of this impartiality, and you will find an unholyincest between purpose and intent.Opportunism is the prophylactic (sic), but the demon will surely beborn.Someday, someday very soon, when the purpose and the intent stand atcross-purposes, the membrane will be torn. And the bastard will beconceived. The monster will be born. And our land will be cursed.Look at the population. The growth in Hindu population is graduallyslowing down. But the Mussalman is on a rampage. From 30 million to130 million! As if he was born only to breed. Somehow, oh, somehow,can we somehow convince them that they are citizens of this country;tell them that their identity is not in danger; their existence is notin danger.I do not call the Mussalman a traitor. But unfortunately for them,their leadership is treacherous. The undoing of the Mussalmans in thissubcontinent is the lack of proper leadership. They have not had asingle good leader. Neither before, nor after the partition. Leadersof the stature of Maulana Azad and Hamid Dalwai failed to pass on theirdoctrines.And what we are left with are the likes of Shahbuddin, Bukhari andBanatwala. Tragicomic?.....As I see it, there are only two sects of peoples in our country. Onehas sworn allegiance to the country. The other is clearly against thecountry.And as far as I can see it, there has never been any other sect.....Forbeing an Indian, it is not only important to abide by our laws, but itis also important to live as we do, to accept our culture and to respectour traditions. And not only that, one must accept that Hinduism has byfar the largest following in this country. This must be remembered.Always.Those who refuse to accept this have no right to live in this country.Those who have all their lives spoken ill of Hindutva are not going tobe spared. Embrace this country in its entirety, as Hindustan. Elseleave.